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At Premier Credit, we help all aspiring small to medium enterprises, civil servants and employee relate better with money and realise their dreams.

We believe that opportunities are available to everyone, however financing is not. We collaborate and work with like-minded people with the zest, verve and growth curiosity to unlock their talents, fulfill their wishes and help them actualise.

Collaborating with us will help you have more money in your pockets without creating unnecessary and unmanageable debt.

Make the smart choice and find out more about our asset financing structures, business micro loans, empowerment loans and smart life loans.

Why choose PremierCredit

At PremierCredit Zimbabwe, we offer asset financing solutions tailored to be simple, affordable, convenient and customer-centric. These include, but limited to:

  • Serengeti Bicycles
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Solar Products
  • Ivy African Apparel

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